Our manufacturing unit based in India (Gujarat) is equipped with the latest state of the art blending and hot air-dried technology. Our onsite lab and kitchen have an abundance of ingredients at their fingertips to develop new products based on your specification. Alternatively, we offer a packing service whereby we can pack products into your packaging and use your labels for private label purposes.


Dried vegetables are produced when fresh vegetables undergo specific technological processes to ensure their keeping quality. No chemicals are used and the vegetables are dried by applying hot air in the conveyor dryer machines. The drying service includes raw material processing, drying, and product packing.


The process of dried material granulation consists of grinding and Vibro sieving to the size defined in the Customer’s specification by using modern grinding and sorting equipment. Before packing, the product is scanned for the presence of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The powder production line is capable of providing a homogeneous product with a size reduction of < 400 microns (40 Mesh, 60 mesh 80 mesh & 100 mesh). At the Customer’s request, we even produce dried vegetable mixes and granulates, based on their samples.


The optical sorter is a combination of the most advanced cameras and shapes recognition techniques; it enables to precisely detect and then reject the greatest number of objects of any kind, unwanted parts of plants, subtlest product defects and damages, and the slightest differences in color. The range, expectations, requirements, and estimates of service are agreed upon each time individually with the Customer. If you have any questions concerning the offered services, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be pleased to provide you with any information.

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